Hanson CPA Tax & Accounting offers our clients a wide range of accounting services, as well as some very specialized and unique areas of assistance. Please click on the links below to learn more about our core services. In addition to the primary services outlined, we are able to provide many other types of assistance.

Tax Planning & Preparation
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We offer tax planning and preparation services for individuals, corporations (C-corporations and S-corporations), partnerships and LLC’s, estates and non-profit organizations. 

Communicating with our clients throughout the year allows us to do a better job of helping clients reduce their overall tax obligations.  By keeping in touch on a regular basis, we are able to do proactive tax planning with clients, rather than “after the fact” reporting.     

Hanson CPA Tax & Accounting has several clients who live overseas.   Therefore, we are knowledgeable with the complex rules of international taxation.

Financial Reporting
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At Hanson CPA Tax & Accounting we provide compilation and review services of financial statements.  To ensure the quality of service and to ensure that we conform to our professional standards, we have successfully passed our peer review through the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Our most recent peer review report can be found here:  [.pdf of peer review letters]

AICPA Peer Review Site 
(Type in Hanson CPA Tax & Accounting to view our results)
If you would like more information on the peer review process, please give us a call.

Bookkeeping & Consulting
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We offer standard bookkeeping services, both on-site and in-house.  If you need some assistance setting up your books, implementing a new bookkeeping software program, or just some general consulting, we are here to help.

Private Family Accounting
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One of the unique and specialized areas of our practice is private family accounting.  We work with many high net worth, highly successful individuals and families.  With this service we provide the day to day accounting and reporting that these clients don’t have the time or desire to do.  While we don’t manage the investments of these clients, we work closely with the investment and legal advisors of these clients to ensure that their day to day, as well as long-term objectives are met.  Our clients are very satisfied with this service because it allows them the time to focus on enjoying retirement or to focus on their own profession with the peace of mind that their finances are simply being handled.  The range of these services is too detailed to fully explain here, so please call to inquire further.  Client references are available.   Let our clients explain directly to you the value of the services we provide.